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Sistema Solar de Iluminacion 30W y 60W

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Precio: Minimo 5 piezas
Producto: PS02
Producto: LED Solar Series
Parte: PS02
Model: Flange:420mm×245mm
  Lamp-post High:5000mm/6000mm
  Solar Panels High:5500mm/6500mm
CE认证 UL认证 防护等级IP65 ROHS认证  
·The Application of Occasions
lawn, street, passage, factory area, plaza, top-grade business chamber, residence community and so on.
·Product Accessories

·Light Distribution Curve

·Performance and Advantages
Solar Panel
Cover uses ultrawhite glass, total sun transmission reach 91.42%.
Monocrystal line silicon Solar Cells reach a efficiency at 16%-17%,to be more efficient in photoelectric conversion.
Can work in terrible weather condition.Temperature of working condition -30℃~75℃,relative hamidity of working condition 0~100%,max wind speed >200km/h.
Solar Light Pole
Solar panel can be adjusted from 0°to 90°.
Azimuth angle of solar panel can be adjusted 360°.
Normal condition: Lead-acid battery with good cost performance and free maintenance.
Low temperature condition: Use colloid storage battery if the temperature is lower than -15℃.
High temperature condition: Use Ni-Cd battery if the temperature is always more than 45℃.
Solart Controller+Constant Current Driver
Perfect protect function: Load short circuit;Reverse discharge protection; Polartity reverse protection; Thunder strike protection; Recharge-discharge Protection.
Energe saving model: It can separate enactment three range of the power to the main and sub light, and could save energy.
Accurate constant current output, ensuring the best effiency of LED light, reducing light decay and protract the lamp's life.
lamps and lanterns
Selection of CRL32, CRL60 efficient street lamps.
·Technology Parameter
Performance Parameter Parameter
Head of Road Lamp 30W 60W
AGM Sunxtender batery 12V65Ah×2 12V150Ah×2
Component of Solar Battery Monocrystal 130W/33V Monocrystal 130W/33V×2
Light Pole 5m 6m
Light Source 3.68m 4.68m
Controller Light Control, Time Control, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Short Circuit, Lighting Stroke Protection
Contant Current Module Vin:21~27V;lout:350mA±5% Vin:21~27V;lout:350mA±5%×2

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